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CEO Ulrich Ernst in the STERN supplement: For a climate-neutral energy world

With environmentally friendly battery technologies, Blackstone Resources AG will also contribute to the sustainable energy transition in the USA. Our CEO and Founder Ulrich Ernst explains in “Mobility of the Future”, the current supplement of STERN, where the journey is heading. He also explains why our technologies play an important pioneering role. Because ambitious climate protection is not possible with the expansion of renewable energies alone. We must not only generate green electricity, we must also make it available. In surplus, at all times and in all areas of application. From cordless screwdrivers to electric cars to stationary storage systems.

This is exactly what our battery technology aims to do. Blackstone develops sustainable, modern and powerful energy storage solutions. For a productive and healthy future. In the interview you can read why we are more environmentally friendly, technologically better and ecologically more advanced than others. CEO Ernst also discusses our vision of building a reliable supply chain. Because we are integrating raw material extraction into our own value chain. And this will soon also be the case in the USA: Blackstone Technology AG will be led by our CEO David Batstone. Our technologies will thus also reach companies and investors in the United States of America.

Because of course the electric vehicle industry is booming there as well and is dependent on innovative suppliers of battery technologies and materials. We are confidently facing up to this growing demand. By branching out into the USA, we are now opening up important markets. Our production processes can also provide a valuable basis there for the future production of new and sustainable solid-state batteries. These will set new standards in terms of energy density, charging speed and safety.

Curious? You can read the interview here.