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Battery metals

In many places, battery metals are still extracted under ethically questionable and environmentally harmful conditions. We can explicitly distance ourselves from this: Blackstone Resources stands for fair working conditions, sustainability and the preservation of our nature.


Since 2019, Blackstone Resources Chile SpA has been dedicated to search and identify potential areas for the evaluation and exploration of lithium-rich brines.

Our company has an extensive portfolio of Exploration and Exploitation Concessions, which are in their last stage of constitution and registration in the corresponding mining conservator.

Since March 2022, we have been focused on constituting these mining properties to systematically assess their potential.

Accordingly, a parallel basic assessment of these concessions has been carried out, including geophysical and geochemical studies, which has allowed us to underpin the next investment stage.

Ulrich Ernst
CEO of Blackstone Resources AG


Apple and Tesla have announced that they will buy cobalt only from ethical sources. These conditions are extremely favorable for Canada, whose political security and strong labor practices meet these criteria.

This is where Blackstone Resources focuses. It holds a significant stake in Canada’s First Cobalt, which has since been renamed Electra Battery Materials and has a substantial share of the North American cobalt market. It is the largest cobalt exploration company in North America today and has significant assets. In Canada, Electra controls over 100 km2 of land and 50 historic mines in Cobalt, Ontario. It also owns the Iron Creek project in Idaho in the US, which may turn out to be a world-class asset as recent drill holes have indicated significant cobalt mineralisation.

Electra is the only approved cobalt refinery in North America capable of producing battery material. Furthermore, the company has pursued numerous acquisitions to strengthen its position in the North American market.

Cobalt prices have increased significantly over the last three months. The outlook for the market has been boosted by increasing demand for electric vehicles.


After the sale of the Mongolian licenses, we still have license and purchase agreements and are very interested in continuing the licenses with the partner.

In 2016, we carried out a magnetic survey in Sukhbaatar province. carried out. Attempts were made to define further deposits of molybdenum, iron ore and copper. defined.

The license areas were sold by Blackstone in 2020. Blackstone still holds royalty rights.


Through our subsidiary BS Norway ltd, we hold 12 exploration licenses in Norway. These permits give us the right to explore and the right to apply for extraction permits for a wide range of metals. These include battery metals, such as manganese, molybdenum and cobalt.

We undertook substantial geological works in Norway in summer of 2018, through our geological team and additional specialists, across presently three sites where we hold licences. These licenses include:

Bømlo 1, 2, and 3

We own three concessions in the Bømlo region, covering approximately 30km2. The region is well developed in terms of infrastructure: it is connected to the electricity grid, there is ample supply of water and good road access. The area holds deposits of gold, copper and zinc in an area with a long history of exploration and development.

Lillefjell 1, 2 and 3

We have three   licenses in the region of Lillefjell with an area of 29 km2. Here we will collect a total of 300 samples from these licensed areas (Lillefjell 1,2 and 3) over an area of approximately 29 km2.   Here, we have the right to explore nickel, copper and platinum-group metals among others.


The Tørdal   license covers an area of 10 km² within the 150 km² Tørdal region. Previous exploration studies of the region revealed interesting levels of rare earth elements and scandium. We also plan to collect and analyse 100 sample from this site.

Saurdalen 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

We have five licenses in the Saurdalen region with an area of 46 km2.  


Through our stake in South America Invest Ldt., we hold various permits in a Manganese excavation plant. The plant is located near Santa Barbara, which lies 40 km away from Medellin, one of Colombia’s major cities. The complex is located near Santa Barbara, about 40 km from Medellin and lies between the Pacific and the Atlantic. The site contains red jasperoid enriched manganese minerals, which are volcanic in origin from past seismic activity.

The production is currently being planned.