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Social Responsibility

We respect and strengthen socially acceptable contacts with indigenous population groups by financially supporting local social projects. We are committed to making a positive impact in the communities where we work.

We recognize that our social responsibility role extends to all aspects of our operations, including health, safety, environment and social responsibility. We strive to understand and sustainably integrate social factors in our decision-making processes at all stages of our activities from exploration and operations to closure and reclamation.

We have supported and financed communities in Huarvey, Peru. We supported elementary schools by providing computers and books. Furthermore, we helped implement communal infrastructure.

Environmental Responsibility

Blackstone takes its responsibility towards the environment very seriously and constantly strives to make processes sustainable and environmentally friendly. This includes:

    • Planned use of wind-turbines
    • Planned use of photovoltaic
    • Efficient use of free-energy
    • Considerate use of natural resources

We do not use mercury in the manufacture of bars. All other chemicals used in production self-decompose in the slurry tank upon contact with oxygen.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a sustainable and clean energy world. According to the latest estimates, the global energy transition has the potential to reduce global CO2 emissions by 70% by 20501. This can be achieved through a combination of wind turbines, solar panels and the efficient use, storage and production of clean energy.

We believe that creating a sustainable world is only possible with the right infrastructure. This includes power grids and batteries that transport and store this energy. Battery metals will also play a key role in making this vision a reality.

Climate Action, 21.03.2017

Our Approach

Battery metals and ongoing technical development are needed to make clean energy available in a sustainable manner. This is the only way we can create energy storage systems that ensure a consistent and reliable supply of everything from electric vehicles to the infrastructure of our cities. Our battery metals ensure that this is possible even when the wind isn’t blowing or the sun isn’t shining.

Our approach is to take strategic stakes in mining companies that are ethically extracting these battery metals and seeking them in politically safe countries. Many of these companies also invest significantly in the refineries that bring these metals to the global market.

Our mission means responsibility, which is why the ethical nature of our actions is so important. For example, if we want to clean the air in polluted cities, we need to switch to electric vehicles. However, this must not be done through child labor or at the expense of otherwise exploited workers.

We are constantly striving to understand social factors and integrate them into our decision-making processes: from exploration and operation of our assets to closure and reclamation.

In addition, we try to support the local communities in which we operate. we are committed to having a positive impact. We have supported communities, schools and individuals with computers and books and have helped improve community infrastructure.

We believe that taking these responsibilitys is the only way we can achieve our vision.