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Imagine a world where the air is clean

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One day all cars will run on electricity, while renewable energy may finally become sustainable. To turn this vision into reality we need battery metals such as cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, graphite and lithium, and we need gold to provide a steady cash flow. That’s why we invest in high quality, core mining businesses that have exploration and participations rights worldwide. This gives us exposure to these important battery metals, which will one day change the world.

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Battery metals: cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, rare earth

These metals are needed in vast quantities to power the electric vehicle revolution. That’s why Blackstone Resources is focused on ethical battery metals, like politically secure North American cobalt, rare earth from Norway, manganese in Peru and molybdenum from Mongolia. We have major stakes in all these companies and their resources. Each are a different stages of development.

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Gold from Peru

Gold provides a strong and reliable revenue stream for Blackstone Resources. It supports our battery metal vision for a sustainable clean energy world. We have a stake in a milling plant in Peru located in the coastal town of Huarmey, 230 km north of Lima. This mill, once fully operational, will provide a strong and reliable source of revenue for years to come. That’s not all. Within a year, we plan to extend and setup a second plant, adjacent to the current milling facility, which will increase this revenue generated substantially.

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