The Company

Blackstone Resources with a head office in Baar, Switzerland, has a fully paid in capital of CHF 21’350’000.-. The company is registered in Baar, Canton of Zug in Switzerland, under the number CHE-102.049.503.

Blackstone Resources is a swiss corporation which has been established in 1995 with the purpose originally acquiring and developing of own holdings and assets. After successful years in business, the company focused on investments of natural resources and commodities assets and was subsequently renamed into Blackstone Resources AG.

Blackstone Resources AG has started its activities and operations by engaging in Troi Gobi LLC in Mongolia in 2013. At present Blackstone Resources is a majority holder of a fairly large asset in Mongolia which includes a surface of 150 km2 with 3 exploration licences. The deposits contain Molybdenum and Copper.

Blackstone Resources intends to extend and expand its investment holdings into the acquisition of mining rights, concessions, licences and mining technologies. Blackstone Resources will grow its already existing holdings in mineral depoits by the acquisition of further licenses in Iron Ore, Molybdenum, Copper, Wolfram, Coal, Oil& Gas, Rare Earth Elements and Gold. As Blackstone Resources is seeking special opportunities in commodities assets in order to achieve for its shareholders an outperforming capital growth there are no geographical limits.

Our Projects: