To make clean sustainable energy a reality, battery metals are needed to build reservoirs of clean energy that can power everything, from electric vehicles to our cities of the future. These battery metals will ensure that the supply of clean energy will be reliable and constant, even if there is no wind or sun.

Our approach is to take strategic stakes in mining companies that search, develop and extract these battery-metals ethically from politically secure countries. Many of these companies also invest significantly in the refineries that bring these metals to the global market.

The very nature of our mission means that we must take responsibility, which is why the ethical nature of what we do is so important. For instance, if we want to purify the air above our most polluted cities, we will need to switch to electric vehicles. However, this shouldn’t be at the expense of child labour used to mine battery metals.

We also try to understand and integrate social factors during the decision-making process from exploration and operations through to closure and reclamation.

Added to this, we try to support the local communities where we operate and we are committed to having a positive impact. We have supported and financed communities, schools and individuals with computers, books and helped to implement communal infrastructure.

We believe that taking these responsibilitys is the only way we can achieve our vision.

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