Blackstone Resources AG plans to list its shares on the SIX Swiss Exchange

July 4, 2018

Blackstone Resources AG plans to list its shares on the SIX Swiss Exchange. It is a Swiss commodities holding company that is also active in commodity trading. The company has holdings in various participations and battery-metal companies. In 2017 Blackstone delivered a net profit of CHF 3.8 million and an increase of equity of CHF 13.5 million through a re-evaluation of assets according IFRS. The aim of the listing is to broaden the company’s shareholder base and enable further funds to be raised for future acquisitions. The first trading day is planned for 9.7.2018 under the symbol BLS.

Blackstone Resources AG is a Swiss holding company headquartered in Baar, canton of Zug, Switzerland.  It comprises of nine companies which currently employs 45 professionals, spread internationally across six locations. It was founded by the Zurich-based entrepreneur Ulrich Ernst in 1995. He is the CEO and Chairman of the Board. Since being founded, Blackstone Resources AG has grown significantly through numerous acquisitions.

Ulrich Ernst said “Through this listing Blackstone Resources AG will be able to raise additional financing in capital markets to pursue further acquisitions and increase its international standing and visibility. This will allow the company to continue its path of successful expansion”.

The company plans to make further international acquisitions by selectively targeting attractive forward-looking companies that fit its business model. This acquisition and expansion strategy will be led by its experienced management team and Peter-Mark Vogel (CFO): “We will focus on acquiring companies that have a strong market position, are well managed and will help further increase our market value and market share of the battery metal market”.

Blackstone Resources AG has a wide range of specific commodity investments in exploration, production and commodity trading worldwide. The company builds, develops and manages production facilities in Peru, Colombia, Canada, Norway and Mongolia. The company also focuses on the production of battery metals, which includes cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, lithium, graphite, copper and nickel. It also focuses on gold and silver production. Blackstone Resources AG intends to significantly expand its strategic investments and operations across all these areas.

The aim of Blackstone Resources Group is to increase shareholder value through the expansion and development of short-term cash-flow relevant projects. In addition, the company will expand its existing investments in exploration, participations and the purchase of licenses. It will further extend its commodity trading business.

Our vision is to meet the huge supply shortfall in battery metals and quell surging demand from a rapidly expanding electric vehicle (EV) market. All major automakers have announced their intention to match their current range with electric models in the next ten years.

Blackstone Resources AG is convinced that the battery metal market will experience explosive growth in years to come.

The planned listing is for 42.7 million bearer shares of Blackstone Resources AG with the symbol BLS on SIX: ISIN CH0258739751.

About Blackstone Resources AG

Blackstone Resources AG is a holding company with a wide range of high-quality mining interests worldwide, plus it is an active trader in commodities. The company currently focuses on gold and battery metals such as cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, lithium and graphite.



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