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Blackstone Resources AG: World first: 3D-printed batteries, new addition to management team

Ad hoc announcement pursuant to Art. 53 LR

BAAR, Switzerland - (September 01, 2021) - Blackstone Resources AG (SWX: ISIN CH0460027110 ) is pleased to announce that the management of Blackstone Resources AG will be supported by Serhat Yilmaz as of September 1.  As Chief Marketing Officer, the 35-year-old Yilmaz will assume significant responsibility for the development of the group Investor Relations department and will also play a formative role in battery production at the Döbeln site, where he will be CMO for the subsidiary Blackstone Technology GmbH.

"Blackstone Resources AG is a major global shaper of the emission-free future. I look forward to joining this innovation-driven company," said Yilmaz. "Our progress in industrializing 3D-printed battery cells is now opening up immense potential, which I am particularly excited about."

Blackstone Technology produces climate-friendly and clean batteries for a sustainable transportation transition. With 3D-printed batteries, a world first in the manufacturing segment, they have now made the quantum leap: thanks to significantly increased energy density, the new charge carriers are also suitable for off-road applications.

With the addition of Yilmaz, who previously worked at Quantron AG as CMO and at Framo AG as CMO and CBDO, Blackstone Resources AG in Switzerland gains an experienced personnel. Together with the recently granted funding and the operating license for the production of 3D batteries, the company is now in the starting blocks for the next stage. "The name Blackstone Resources is about to become a brand name in the gearbox of transportation transformation. We have every reason to be optimistic about the future," Yilmaz is certain.

Specifically, the company intends to expand its product range in battery production and become even more deeply rooted in the field of climate-neutral vehicles with its own energy sources.

S. Yilmaz said: "Blackstone Technology has established itself sustainably in this segment in the past. But with our new Blackstone Thick Layer Technology ©, we now want to increasingly steer the market from the top: our development breakthrough increases the energy density of lithium-ion batteries by an incredible 20 percent."

When it comes to the issue of tight installation spaces or maximized energy density, the innovative solutions from Blackstone Technology GmbH already provide the right answer. "Our batteries give commercial vehicles 20 percent more range. That is as simple as it is impressive," Yilmaz is pleased to say.

Image caption:

Left our battery production in Döbeln on 24 000 qm. 

On the right, Serhat Yilmaz CMO of Blackstone Resources AG in Switzerland.


About us Blackstone Resources AG

Blackstone Resources is a Swiss Holding Company, with its legal domicile in Baar, Kanton Zug, and is concentrating on the battery technology and battery-metals market and offers direct exposure to the battery-technology revolution.

Presently, Blackstone Technology GmbH builds up a production-line for small series of 3D printed batteries in Döbeln, Saxony, Germany. The short-term production will be pouch-cells with the Blackstone Thick Layer Technology © which allows a 20% higher density in lithium-ion cells, Blackstone Resources continues the program of development in solid state batteries and its production process.

Electric vehicles and batteries have driven the demand for large quantities of various metals. Therefore, Blackstone Resources sets up, develops, and manages production-refineries for battery-metals such as lithium, cobalt, manganese, graphite, nickel and copper.

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Press contact:

Serhat Yilmaz

Chief Marketing Officer

Blackstone Resources AG

Blegistrasse 5 CH-6340 Baar Schweiz

T: +41 41 449 61 63

F: +41 41 449 61 69

Investor Relations 
Registered Share: ISIN CH0460027110

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