Blackstone Resources receives NI43-101 for its Chile Lithium Project

BAAR, Switzerland – (May 14, 2020) – Blackstone Resources Chile SpA is pleased to receive  its technical NI 43-101 standard report for its Pajonales Project. The project is based on a series of own mining concessions based in the Antofagasta Region of Chile in an area well-known for its lithium brine resources. The report covers 4,928 hectares of our own mining concessions.

Geological reconnaissance and geochemical sampling were carried out in 2019, along with a geophysical TEM survey. The geochemical survey revealed high lithium anomalies averagely of 85 ppm of lithium with a maximum value of 113 ppm. The high lithium anomalies indicate that there is enough lithium to economically leach and concentrate the brines of the underlying sediment deposits.

The geological survey along with the geological information, revealed a high conductive layer beneath the brine deposits. This confirms that the sediments are saturated with brine water and that lithium is present.

The geophysical survey interpretation along with the geological information shows that there is a highly conductive geo-electric unit that presents resistivity values of less than 3 ohm-m. Using the interpreted geophysical profiles, a 3D model was built, revealing the exploration potential of the project.

This technical study will allow Blackstone to continue with its exploration drilling programme, which is planned for the last quarter of 2020. The conclusions, recommendations, and the drilling exploration results from the report will be presented afterwards.

Blackstone Resources is looking for a strategic and financial partner. Once the exploration project is complete, a feasibility study will be made as the project enters the development phase and will need to be commercialised.

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