Swiss public transport is becoming increasingly electric

There is increasing pressure on governments to electrify public transport in Europe. Scrutiny on the health issues related to the emissions from diesel vehicles has meant that city councils in Europe have had to reassess the fleets of vehicles they operate. These include buses and garbage trucks, which are generally diesel powered. 

In Switzerland, battery operated buses are on the rise. Zurich-based university ETH this morning announced that it would replace its ETH Link service with a fully electric fleet. The bus service currently transports over 750,000 people a year from the centre of Zurich to Hönggerberg, and back again.

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Electric buses are already on the rise in Geneva and Bern, while the city of Schaffhausen wants to make their bus operations completely electric and is planning to spend CHF 58 million. In Zurich, the city is planning for eight battery-powered vehicles to be on the roads by 2021. These will run on lines 35, 38, 39 and 73.

This is great news for Blackstone Resources. It’s further evidence that vehicle fleets are becoming increasingly electric and this is likely to have a huge impact on the government sector. This will create even more demand for battery metals and better battery technology where Blackstone Resources operates

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