How Lithium Became a Hot Commodity | WSJ

Demand for lithium is expected to outpace global supply as consumers switch to battery-powered vehicles. With China currently leading in processing of the vital raw material, the U.S. government is looking to boost domestic production.

The Lilium Jet - The world's first all-electric VTOL jet

Flying cars, that perennial dream for futurists that always seem to be at least five years away, may be a little closer to reality than we realise.

SUGAR Volt - The future of passenger flight is electric

NASA asked a Boeing-led team to explore the possibilities of a hybrid electric aircraft. Marty Bradley of Boeing Research and Technology explains how the SUGAR Volt concept is defining the future of flights.

Tesla boat battery destruction teardown

Net Positive provides one of the best tear-downs of a Tesla battery pack. They used seven Tesla battery pack to build the world's fastest electric water ski boat.

Tesla's old versus new battery format

The story on how Tesla continues to innovate with battery technology, producing the first 2170 cell.

What is inside a Tesla cell

A video which shows what is inside a Tesla power cell.

How ecological is the electric car?

This video looks at how green and ecological electric cars really are.

How the lithium-ion battery works

An animation that explains how the lithium-ion battery works

How Audi electric motors are assembled

Audi releases a video on how they build electric motors for their cars.

Discharge and charge process of a conventional lithium-ion battery cell

Animation demonstrating the discharge and charge-process of a lithium battery.

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