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Launch of 3D-printed lithium batteries: High attendance and exciting content


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BAAR, Switzerland 09.12.2021. Blackstone Resources AG (SWX; symbol BLS, ISIN CH0460027110, WKN 460027110) is pleased to announce that we were able to conclude our Press Day on 07.12.2021 extremely successfully with high attendance, exciting presentations and forward-looking content. “In front of an assembled press and a large number of viewers in the online stream, we have now demonstrated: our patent pending 3D printing technology for the production of climate-friendly, sustainable and particularly powerful lithium battery cells is ready for series production!” says CEO Ulrich Ernst.

The manufacturing process offers numerous advantages compared to conventional methods: The 3D printing process allows thicker energy-storing layers in the battery cells, which increases the gravimetric energy density by an impressive 20 percent. In addition, Blackstone battery cells are flexibly adaptable in size and can be precisely tailored for a wide variety of customer needs, such as those of automotive companies.

The space saving of the revolutionary batteries is 15 percent, the material saving 20 euros/kWh. At the same time, energy consumption in production is reduced by an impressive 23 per cent.

“At the same time, the process relies on an environmentally friendly, purely water-based process and reduces waste materials by 50 per cent. In this way, we are making an important and sustainable contribution to the transport transition and in the fight against climate change,” explained Ulrich Ernst, CEO and founder of Blackstone Resources AG. The Döbeln plant will employ 38 people by the end of 2021.

Press conference moved to virtual event

The press conference, which had been eagerly awaited for weeks, had to be rescheduled into a virtual event due to the current Corona situation, but was able to inspire the press and industry representatives with many groundbreaking contents also in the online format. “We are also particularly pleased with the vivid presentation by Professor Dr Axel Fuerst of the Bern University of Applied Sciences, who very clearly outlined the extensive technological benefits of Blackstone’s patent pending printing technology,” said Serhat Yilmaz, CMO of Blackstone Technology GmbH (100% subsidiary of Blackstone Resources).

Blackstone presented their LFP cells, announced in February, in detail during the event. Using cathode material from IBU-Tec in Weimar, the LFP cells are now being produced in Döbeln with Blackstone Thick Layer Technology ©. Specifically, Blackstone announced 220 Wh/kg here. By comparison, the Chinese manufacturer BYD achieves only 166 Wh/kg at cell level with its Blade cells, which are considered technologically advanced LFP cells.

Blackstone is now starting with LFP and NMC cells, but the technology will be applicable to all cell chemistries. In the future, we also want to print solid-state batteries – with solid-state technology, the energy density can be increased by a remarkable up to 70 per cent.

In the high-calibre Press Day programme, the audience was also impressed by a presentation on cooperation and innovations from our partner Orten Electric Trucks GmbH, given by CEO Robert Orten. “With further contributions from Thomas Sautter (Voith SE & Co KG), Benjamin Friedrich (ecolvolta AG) and Dr Michael Roscher (LioVolt), we have now been able to cover a broad field of cooperation and give our partners a stage to present their own products based on our battery cells,” says CEO Ernst.

After the event is before the event

The online conference was moderated by Peter Schwiertz, Editor-in-Chief of The audience stream was also made available on this platform. After the successful Press Day, Blackstone is looking ahead. The next step is to develop a battery system with our partner ecovolta, and we are striving a project with Voith SE and Orten Electric Trucks to equip electrified e-buses with our battery technology.

Talks are also already underway with LioVolt for the joint production of a bipolar battery. These are lithium-ion batteries consisting of stacked electrodes connected in series and designed to be bipolar.

Production facility Blackstone Technology

About us Blackstone Resources AG

Blackstone Resources is a Swiss Holding Company, with its legal domicile in Baar, Kanton Zug, and is concentrating on the battery- technology and battery-metals market and offers direct exposure to the battery-technology revolution.

Presently, Blackstone Technology GmbH builds up a production-line for small series of 3D printed batteries in Döbeln, Saxony, Germany. The short-term production will be pouch-cells with the Blackstone Thick Layer Technology © which allows a 20% higher density in lithium-ion cells, Blackstone Resources continues the program of development in solid state batteries and its production process.

Electric vehicles and batteries have driven the demand for large quantities of various metals. Therefore, Blackstone Resources explores, develops and trades battery-metals such as lithium, cobalt, manganese, graphite, nickel and copper.

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