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Blackstone wins ABC Award 2022!

Blackstone wins ABC Award!

Blackstone’s battery technology has now won its fifth climate or sustainability award with the ABC Award in 2022. At this year’s Automotive Brand Contest (ABC), we were able to quickly convince the jury with our sustainable contribution to a successful transport and energy transition. The 3D screen printing technology for high-tech batteries developed by Blackstone came out on top in terms of energy savings and material efficiency. Our thanks go to the expert jury and, of course, to our outstanding employees.

The ABC Award honours globally renowned players in the mobility industry, the transport sector and its suppliers, leading design and brand agencies, but also the planners and developers of innovative micromobility and Mobility 4.0.

The new demands on quality of life and sustainability are changing the way we move and defining new framework conditions for energy technologies. Thus, business, politics and research urgently need to develop answers to pressing questions. So how do we protect the climate and maintain a productive economy? Can we use limited resources optimally? How do we make renewable energies available without interruption and in abundance? We can answer these questions: with our advanced, ecological and particularly powerful battery technology.

Blackstone is directly involved in shaping the mobility of the 21st century. Because we develop concepts and battery technologies that fit the modern working and living style of the 21st century. We want to enable people to lead healthy, productive and successful lives today and tomorrow. In this context, we are particularly pleased that our 3D screen printing technology has already received multiple awards. Because this once again confirms its potential and applicability.