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Together we are making the economy climate-compatible!

We are delighted to be joining the sustainable Swiss business association swisscleantech with immediate effect. Together with around 500 members from all sectors, we are committed to a CO₂-neutral world. Why are we doing this? Out of conviction. With a strong voice and our advanced battery technologies, we are committed to making the energy transition environmentally compatible, sustainable and clean. So that future generations can lead healthy, free and productive lives.

In association with our partners, we want to make politics and society rethink and develop a sustainable and climate-conscious economy. We are convinced that we are already making an important contribution to a clean and successful energy transition. We do this with our energy-efficient production processes that reduce the need for toxic chemicals and minimize waste materials. However, we are not resting on our laurels: Our development programme for solid-state batteries will continue, as will our commitment to sustainable production cycles with recycled battery metals.