Our operations in Peru will ensure a steady and reliable cashflow for Blackstone Resources in the future. This is thanks to the stake we have in a gold milling plant.


The mill is located in the picturesque coastal town of Huarmey, which lies 230 kilometres north of Peru’s capital city Lima. The ore is purchased from 400 licensed miners that are all located within 100 kilometres of the facility.


At present we are running a pilot mill, prior to becoming fully operational this autumn. During this crucial period, we will test the equipment and refine our processes before bringing the larger main mill into operation.


Once the main mill is brought into operation, we plan to ramp up production to 350 tonnes a day. This will deliver an average grade of approximately 23 grams of gold and 75 grams of silver per tonne, respectively.


Once fully operational, Blackstone Resources plans to install a second plant adjacent to the current milling facility within one year. This facility should increase production by an additional 350 tonnes a day, which will lead to a further increase in revenue.



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