Our vision

Battery metals such as cobalt, manganese, molybdenum, graphite and lithium will help to power the electric vehicle revolution in the coming decades. They will also allow sustainable clean energy to become a reality. That’s why we have taken strategic stakes in mining companies that search, develop and extract these battery-metals ethically from politically secure countries. Many of these companies also invest significantly in the refineries that bring these metals to the global marketplace. Furthermore, we also have exposure to other metals such as gold, which will provide a steady and reliable cashflow in the future, helping to turn our vision into reality.

Key facts

Blackstone Resources AG was established in 1995 with the original purpose to acquire and develop its own holdings and assets. After numerous years of success in business, Blackstone Resources AG shifted its focus towards investing in natural resources and commodities assets.

The company primarily invests in and develops mining projects that focus on battery metals, where the firm sees strong future potential. It aims to generate cashflow through its own gold, silver, cobalt and manganese refineries. In addition, it has started commodity trading operations.

Blackstone Resources AG intends to extend and expand its investment holdings into the acquisition of mining rights, concessions, licences and mining technologies. The company aims to grow its already existing holdings in mineral deposits through further acquisitions of licenses in lithium, graphite, cobalt, molybdenum, copper, rare earth elements and gold. Blackstone Resources AG continuously seeks new opportunities in commodity assets to further extend its capital growth without being bound by geographical limits.


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Blackstone’s business involves a number of risks. These risks should be carefully considered. The following are some of the key-risks and uncertainties but not all the key-risks and uncertainties generally associated with the commodity business. However, the risks described below are not the only ones that we face. Additional risks not currently known to us or that we currently deem immaterial may also impair our business operations. There is uncertainty regarding Blackstone’s ability to achieve, sustain or increase profitability; there is no assurance Blackstone will be able to fund its operations with existing capital or indebtedness, or that it will be able to raise additional amounts to fund operations, including through the raising of further capital, the borrowing of additional amounts or otherwise; there is uncertainty regarding the future value, if any, of an investment in Blackstone’s securities. Blackstone’s business and operations are subject to various regulatory and legal risks including difficulties and uncertainty regarding the results of government agencies; the unpredictability of protection afforded by any licence rights or other mining property. Blackstone is subject to a variety of business and operational risks and uncertainties including: the cost of any future acquisitions and the ability to integrate any acquired businesses; potential contractual disagreements and negotiations with third parties; the ability to obtain adequate insurance against potential risks; the ability to attract and retain management personnel; uncertainties associated with the timing, prospect and successful execution of the development, acquisition, exploration or exploitation of new mines and or mining rights and existing mines and/or mining rights, of new customers or existing customers, of acceptance and demand for new commodities and/or existing commodities; the ability to obtain anything supplied by third parties on satisfactory terms; the ability to develop, and ongoing reliance on, key strategic alliances, and partnering arrangements; risks relating to the uncertainty of tax rate assumptions, currency exchange rate and interest rate fluctuations; risks with the ability to keep up with rapidly changing technology, rapidly changing commodity prices; risks associated with the ability to meet demand and manage growth, including the ability to potentially expand to other countries anywhere in the world with natural resources reserves and/or generally into international markets; and fluctuating operating results.

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