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AlphaValue Research             14.01.2020

An intriguing battery play --- buy recommendation  

AlphaValue Research about Blackstone Resources


Powering up sustainable energy

Can the power industry simultaneously decarbonise generation, propel the transition to electric vehicles, and keep the lights on? In this compilation, McKinsey experts provide snapshots of the opportunities and challenges associated with these transitions.

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Five reasons why hydrogen cars are hardly in demand


Most manufacturers are focusing on battery-electric vehicles. But isn't the hydrogen fuel cell a better fuel for the future? The fact that it has been a technological flop so far has to do with a fundamental disadvantage.

They are quiet, emit no fumes, are refueled after a few minutes: hydrogen fuel-cell cars seem to have the perfect drive of the future.

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How the battery revolution could save mankind

It's difficult to imagine, but batteries could help save mankind. Their rise represents the biggest unheard of structural trend of the twenty-first century. This is what was discussed by Blackstone Resources in a recent article published in the the CFI magazine which has 125,000 subscribers.

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How better batteries can save our planet


Using a solid electrolyte, you can build batteries that are smaller and offer higher energy densities, plus have longer lifespans and offer increased safety because liquid electrolytes are flammable. Such a technology could present our greatest weapon against global warming.

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Better battery technology will help humanity advance


Battery technology is a constraint that is holding back humanity. It’s preventing us from having pollution-free cities, which could save the lives of millions globally. Battery technology, therefore needs to improve significantly. We need denser battery technology with faster charging times and a significant increase in the number of charging cycles, with lower degradation to battery performance.

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Electric car market predicted to overtake traditional vehicles


By 2050, every four out of five cars will be battery-electric, which is what analysts at Morgan Stanley predict. They also expect electric vehicles (EVs) to surpass those of traditional vehicles by 2038, while the global fleet of EVs is expected to surpass one billion by 2047. The World Wide Economic Forum sums up how this exponential increase will creep up on us with this analogy.

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Investors should focus on battery materials, not EVs – Blackstone Resources CEO


Ulrich Ernst, the chief executive officer at Blackstone Resources features in where he explains why the world's transport networks should look upstream to the battery-metal market.

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Cash is king in the quest for battery metals


There’s a lot of activity. There’s a lot of exciting projects. There are also plenty of opportunities. But you need cash if you want to take advantage of the surging demand for battery metals.

This is why we will continue to invest in assets that will be cash-producing in the near future. It is also the reason why we believe cash is king in the quest for battery metals.

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Battery metals matter more than electric cars


Battery-metals don’t mind.

They don’t mind how electric-vehicles arrive on our streets. They also don’t mind which auto-maker wins or which one loses.They’re even indifferent on type of technology used or what the ultimate battery-metal mix will be. 

Aggregate demand for battery-metals will rise exponentially. If they want to take advantage of the electric vehicle revolution, they should look upstream.

They should invest across battery metals!

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Electric vehicles are coming, but at what cost


"We believe we can get cobalt to almost nothing”, Elon Musk stated. He is a great visionary, but as a CEO he still worries what investors think. Electric vehicles are coming and battery metals are becoming extremely expensive as a result.

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Tesla is not the story – Cobalt is!


When the dust settles from the electric vehicle war, battery metals like cobalt will be the story. That’s where Blackstone Resources plans to be.

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Searching for rare earths in Norway


There’s an old saying that “gold is where you find it”. It makes perfect sense.

That’s why we are going to Norway. But we’re not just going to search for gold. We’re going to look for platinum base metals, nickel, copper and of course rare earth elements.

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Why cobalt is the new blue gold


Once shunned and tossed aside as a by-product in copper and nickel mines, colbalt is now a vital battery material needed to power the modern world. Demand now outstrips supply, so much so that its price has more than tripled over the last 18 months.

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Cobalt critical to electrifying road traffic


Cobalt has been used in computer processors and mobile phones for years. Billions of people now own smartphones, giving the material an enduring source of demand. However, this is not what makes cobalt so exciting. There is a more significant driver that will see demand for cobalt soar.

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